Prize Winners

The raffle is now complete. Meet some of our winners below! Prize winners will be contacted shortly by email to verify shipping information and then sent their respective prizes. Please add to your address book. These prize winners do not need to complete any further forms to claim their prize. Prize winners of $1,000 or more will be contacted via phone by a raffle staff person to complete applicable tax forms.

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Winner Stories

Marsha S. - Grand Prize 2024

Marsha's husband passed away two years ago, and this year she decided to enter the raffle in his memory. Through tears, she explained how he had always been a supporter. He used to say it was "such a great cause and just maybe we'd win something."

Marsha has decided to take the $530K annuity, and dedicate part of it to remodeling her kitchen, where she and her husband spent so many happy years. "I just knew he would be smiling," she said. After getting the call that she'd won, Marsha took the weekend to let it sink in. Then she called a financial planner. Next up? "I think I'm ready to call my kids," she laughed.

James P. - $100,000 Add-On Prize 2024

Like several of our top winners, Jim could hardly believe that he had really won. It took a few calls and emails to convince him it was true.

A father of four, grandfather of nine, and great-grandfather to one, Jim's family means everything to him. He has been entering the raffle since he got that very first brochure in the mail. Despite his wife's hesitation ("she was always a bit conservative"), Jim said that when it came to the raffle he just knew he wanted to be part of it. "It's just such a great cause."

Jim's wife passed a few years ago, "but," says Jim with a laugh, "she still fusses with me every day." He's sure she is getting a kick out of all of this. Jim says he has led a very blessed life: as a young boy in Canada, it was his dream to play hockey. He was lucky enough to marry "the sweetest girl in the world," and he did in fact grow up to become a professional hockey player, playing for several teams in Canada and the US, including Seattle. Jim urges that "everyone who is able to buy a ticket should take a chance and do it. Special Olympics Washington needs our support." He is a believer, and will definitely be entering the raffle again.

Daryl S. - 2nd Prize 2024, Australian Vacation or $10,000

The theme of "shocked winners" continued with Daryl who was traveling when he first heard the news… he said I love these kinds of raffles because you always know where the money goes. After entering for many years this was Daryl's first win and he is beyond thrilled. He told me his wife decided that they will be taking the cash and they are still talking about what they will do with their winnings. He then said that he will be telling everyone about this raffle and encourage everyone to take a chance because real people really do win!

Robert W. - 3rd Prize 2024, Costa Rica Vacation or $5,000

A very excited and somewhat still in disbelief Robert got his big news after entering the raffle for the past 3 years. He has decided to take the cash prize over the trip since traveling is not possible due to his wife's illness. He is so grateful for this win but the best part for him was seeing the smiles on the faces of all those who participate in the Special Olympics Washington.

Rosa G. - 4th Prize 2024, Bhutan Vacation or $5,000

Hearing the excitement in Rosa's voice made for another fun call. Rosa can hardly believe her luck since this was only her second year entering. She knew she wanted to be part of the raffle and take a chance after she got her brochure.

She admitted that it took a few years before she actually entered but is so glad that she finally did. A mom of three, she said that she and her husband have decided to take the cash and in addition to paying some bills she is hoping to do something a little special for her family. Rosa has said she is telling everyone she knows and is posting on social media how amazing the raffle is and to buy a ticket!

Who knows… you might just get the call like she did.

Michele H. - 5th Prize 2024, Mongolia Vacation or $5,000

Michele was totally surprised when she got the call learning she was the winner of the trip to Mongolia or $5K. Being a regular supporter of the raffle for the past 9 years she said "you always enter thinking this might be your year but you never really expect to win."

Michelle laughed a bit saying "I never win anything!" She and her husband have decided to take the cash prize and are planning to move forward with a remodel project they had been wanting to do. Michelle loved that she was now an Ambassador of Special Olympics Washington and plans to tell everyone to enter.

Susan F. - 10th Prize 2024, Holland and Belgium River Cruise or $5,000

Susan and her husband were in Florida house hunting when they got the call. They were thrilled to learn that they were one of the big winners this year. She shared that this was only their second time entering so she felt really lucky. The brochure is what enticed her to enter saying the prizes are all amazing but the best part was that the dollars would support Special Olympics Washington.

Susan told me that she has a nephew in Minnesota who competes in the Special Olympics so by entering the raffle she feels like she is supporting him. Susan then told me how impressed she is with the raffle saying everything is so transparent. We know where the dollars are going and the quality of the prizes is really incredible. "You can totally trust this raffle" was what she wanted to tell everyone who is a skeptic… and as a new Ambassador for Special Olympics Washington she will definitely be telling everyone.

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